Walk for Peace

The World Veterans Federation organizes the global “Veterans Walk for Peace” event on 21 September every year as part of its annual activities to observe the International Day of Peace. The aim of the event is to promote the International Day of Peace worldwide. 

The event, which is supported by the United Nations, takes place at major cities in various parts of the world. It commences in sequence through different time zones from the East towards the West - starting from the Oceania going westward through countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas. 

The participants of this event are made up of the veteran community and other supporters of peace worldwide.

Generally, the programme for the event is carried out in three phases. It may however vary from place to place to suit local conditions, rules, customs, traditions and protocol.

Phase 1:     The participants meet at a designated Rallying Point.

Phase 2:     They walk in procession from the Rallying Point to an Assembly Area. The distance to be covered is entirely at the discretion of the organizers. It could be a symbolic walk of only a few hundred meters. 

Phase 3:     A brief ceremony will be held at the Assembly Area as follows:

A Message of Peace from the UN Secretary General is read.

• One minute of silence is observed at 1200 hours local time.

• Local dignitaries deliver their messages. 


Those interested in participating in the event are requested to contact the nearest Member Association of the World Veterans Federation in their respective country.


Click here to watch Portugal's 2016 WVF Walk for Peace event in Lisbon, organised by the Veterans League and the Association of Handicapped Armed Forces, supported by Global Energy


2016 WVF Walk for Peace