Mr. Dan-Viggo BERGTUN


Dan-Viggo Bergtun was born in Harstad, in the North of Norway in 1956. After his Basic Business School in Marketing, he joined the Army in the North of Norway. After one year in the Army he was employed in the Tax Office, Oslo. At the same time he studied at BI Norwegian School of Management.

He started early to be involved in different organizations related to sport, politics, youth and religion. He has been actively involved in politics for more than 8 years in The Liberal Party of Norway

In 1978 he returned to the Army to take part in a UN mission to Lebanon, UNIFIL, where he worked in first aid. Here he learned the establishment of later problems for veterans. This was his motivation for helping and supporting veterans in different ways later.

In 1982 he started a consulting company and has since then operated as specialist in the reorganization of companies and organizations nationally and internationally. He had offices and clients in many countries. After further education in sales, marketing and finance, he has been involved in the creation of more than 30 companies in partnership with others. He was also owner of a commercial real estate consulting company and founder of Clean Your Card; a product sold over most of Scandinavia, to safeguard payment.

Dan-Viggo Bergtun has been an active veteran since 1978, as a member of the Norwegian Association for International Operations (NVIO) and other organizations. He has been President of Oslo UN and NATO Veteran Association for 2 years, Chaired NVIO Nedre Romerike for 2 years and NVIO Vice President (2 years) and also a second term (1 years).

He took further veteran education in the Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA)  in Disarment, Demobilisation and Reintegration (DDR) and in the Barcelona International Peace Recource Center/International Transition in Community Based Reintegration and Security (CBRS) and has developed the Community Reintegration of Veterans Program (CRVP).

He was Norwegian Delegate to the WVF General Assembly in Malaysia, Denmark and Jordan and Delegate to the 21st Meeting of the SCEA in Portugal in 2008. Since 2008 he has been a member of the WVF Working Group for the Veterans’ Walk for Peace and organized a very successful Veterans Walk for Peace in Oslo in 2008 in partnership with The Nobel Peace Centre.

Mr. Bergtun was elected Chairman of the Standing Committee on European Affairs and Vice President of the WVF at the 26th General Assembly in Demark in 2009 and re-elected at the 27th General Assembly in Jordan in 2012. He developed SCEA to be the leading area in WVF and based on this he has developed a strategic plan for the future of the WVF.

He was elected President of the World Veterans Federation at the 28th General Assembly in Sopot (Poland) in 2015 and reelected as President at the 29th General Assembly in Paris (France) 2019. 

He was Member of the committee, International Round-The-World March of Veterans “Battle Brotherhood” and Member of The Advisory Board of Veteran Organizations from the Balkan Region and has participated in veteran summits as a keynote speaker in many countries.

Dan-Viggo Bergtun is married to AnnaLee. They live just outside Oslo and have 3 girls and 2 Grandchildren.

In the winter time they love to ski and in the summer time they enjoy walking and biking in the Norwegian mountains.

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