Chair of the Standing Committee on Women





Geirhild Snildal Engen was born in Narvik, Norway in 1968. Shortly after she was born her family moved to Hønefoss, where she and her family live now.

She started her military career in 1988, and has been in active duty since. After graduating from military academy in 1992 she served in Brigade North until 1996, as second in command for a platoon in the medical company and further as the Physical Trainer in Brigade North Staff. She then served  as PT instructor at officers cadet schools for a couple of years before becoming a human resources officer. Now she holds a position as a teacher in elementary staff education at the Norwegian Defence University College.

She served in the Norwegian Contingent Command in Afghanistan as G1 in 2007.

She has an executive master of management with a specialization in applied psychology of organisational behavior.

She is married to an army officer, and they have two teenage daughters.