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The Turkish War Veterans Association will hold its next General Assembly Meeting in June 2018. 

The Association was established in 1984. Its head office is located in Ankara. TWVA is active in all regions of Turkey. 

Members' history:

Military personnel who participated in WWI, Independance War (1919-1922), Korean War (1950-1953) and Cyprus Peace Operation (1974).

Mission of the Association:

- Ensures that sacrifices that veterans have made for their country are not forgotten.

- Keeps memories of veterans alive.

- Makes arrangements to meet social, economic, cultural and spiritual requirements, and improves living standards, for its members.

- Conducts activities with national and international organisations to establish and preserve regional and world peace.

- Provides support to the efforts in preserving the Turkish Republic in accord with the principles and reforms of Mr. Kemal Atatürk.

- Visits older, ill and needy members and widows and try to find solutions to their problems.

-Organises social activities to promote their moral and motivations.

- Publishes books, magazines, brochures etc. about its activities and organises conferences, seminars and meetings.

- Organises and participates in major ceremonies, parades and commemorations.