5 February 2016

From 21-23 January 2016, the WVF’s President, Mr. Dan-Viggo Bergtun visited the Head of the WVF Peace and Security Division, and SCEA Chairman, Gen. Stanislaw Wozniak in Warsaw, Poland. The WVF has four Member Associations in Poland, and also held the 28th General Assembly of the WVF in Sopot, Poland, in September last year. This trip was an important opportunity for Mr. Bergtun to discuss the SCEA’s future operations under its new Chairman, Gen. Wozniak.


The visit started with a wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, a monument dedicated to all those who have given their lives for Poland. This was followed by a meeting at the office of the Association of Combattants of the Polish Republic and Former Political Prisoners together with the Presidents of all four WVF Member Associations. It was the first time such a meeting had been held and the associations each made short presentation detailing the work that they carry out.

Mr. Bergtun also had the chance to sit down with Minister Wojciech Kolarski from the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland. They discussed the prospect of future support for the WVF, a proposition to which the Minister responded positively. Minister Kolarski said that he would relay the discussion to the President of Poland.

The next day, Mr. Bergtun joined Gen. Wozniak in a visit to The Centre for Foreign Mission Veterans, which opened in December 2014, where Mr. Bergtun was awarded the Pro Patria Medal, an award given to those who have made outstanding contributions in perpetuating the memory of the people and deeds in the struggle for Polish independence during World War II.

Mr. Bergtun and Gen. Wozniak then spent the rest of the visit discussing the actions to take for the advancement of the WVF SCEA and the Peace and Security Division, both of which Gen. Wozniak chairs.

We would like to thank those at the Office for War Veterans and Victims of Oppression for hosting this visit, with special thanks to Gen. Stanislaw Wozniak.