12 August 2016


On 12 July 2016 in Zabljak, North Eastern Montenegro, the Union of Associations of Veterans and Antifascists of Montenegro hosted a regional meeting for the SCEA Working Group for South Eastern Europe. In attendance were delegates from Albania, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro, as well as WVF President Dan-Viggo Bergtun in the absence of SCEA Chairman, Gen. Stanislaw Wozniak.


The meeting was planned to coincide with Montenegro’s Statehood Day on 13 July. Statehood Day commemorates both the Berlin Congress’ acceptance of Montenegro’s Statehood in 1878, and the Montenegrin people’s uprising against fascism in 1941. The delegates were invited to take part in the ceremonies and the celebrations during statehood Day in Zabljak.

The President of the WVF participated in a wreath laying ceremony at the World War II monument, which displays the names of the 14 752 people who died in Montenegro fighting against fascism during the War.

After the delegates took their places for the meeting, they were given a welcome speech from the Chairman of the Working Group, the Former Defence Minister of Montenegro, future Ambassador of Montenegro to Croatia, Mr. Vucinic, delivered his speech and conveyed the greetings from the government of Montenegro to the participants present. He stressed the important role of veterans in preventing fascist activities in the region and offered full cooperation to SUBNOR in their role in this task.

Following the expansion of the Working Group for South-Eastern Europe to 15 countries, the Working Group’s Chairman, Prof. Dr. Ljubomir Sekulic, has decided to step down from this role due to his advancing age and mounting responsibilities. We would like to thank Prof. Dr. Sekulic for his tireless work for veterans in his region, and we look forward to his ongoing contribution to the WVF. Mrs. Silva Cernugelj from Slovenia has been proposed as the future Chair, who, with her previous experience, especially in veteran organizations, and personal reputation, we are sure will fill the role with aplomb.


You can read the appeal written by the meeting here.