16 August 2017

The World Veterans Federation (WVF) has developed the Veteran Donation Concept, in order to provide a source of financial income to our Federation to help fund our efforts to support veterans in protecting or accessing their rights and ensuring that their specific needs are provided for. One aspect of this Concept is to provide WVF approved products for purchase by our supporters.

The first products are now ready for sale, and can be purchased through the dedicated webshop set up by our partner in this venture, XO HOUSE (Norway). Delivery time for purchases is about 8 weeks. All orders received up to 30.09.2017 will have an estimated ship date 31.10.2017.

These branded products are unique, and they can be worn by veterans or by anyone else who supports the WVF, or veteran work in general.

XO HOUSE is responsible for the production and sale of all of the merchandise available in the webshop, which is owned and run by XO HOUSE. Their generous investment in this project means that it is run with no financial output from the WVF. 20% of the sale price of each item will be sent to the WVF. We would like to thank XO HOUSE for their invaluable support.