31 October 2017

During its 156th meeting, the WVF Executive Board decided to establish an Elections Committee, in order to ensure that the best possible candidates for posts on the Executive Board are identified in advance of the General Assembly and to ensure that members are properly informed about the background, experience and qualifications of the candidates in advance of the Elections.

The Elections Committee shall have as its task:

  • To receive proposals for candidates for elections and research the background, experience and qualifications of those candidates.
  • To carry out inspections from among member associations to identify possible candidates for positions on the Executive Board.
  • To inspect the performance of serving members on the Executive Board and report on activity and results
  • To provide a report on each candidate standing for election to the General Assembly for information purposes

The different qualities that the Elections Committee will look for in candidates will be:

  • Background, experience and qualifications relevant to the role
  • Ability to work in at least one of the working languages of the World Veterans Federation
  • Availability to devote a sufficient amount of time to the functions of the position
  • Appropriate support from local association/authorities to carry out the functions of the position

WVF member associations are therefore invited to make direct contact with Col. Hesselberg should they have any suggestions for candidates for any posts on the Executive Board, notably the currently vacant post of Secretary General.