13 February 2018

The Dutch Organisation for Veterans Mental Health Care in the Netherlands will be organising its first International Conference on Dutch Veterans Health Care. The Conference will be held on April 4-6 2018 in Amsterdam at the Royal Marine Base (http://congres.lzv-groep.nl)

Please find below the invitation sent to us by Col. Berend Berendsen, Managing Director of the Organisation. 

"We found your organisation through our network connections. As World Veterans Federation you represent a large group of veterans. Hereby we kindly invite you and your members for the above mentioned conference. Via this letter we would like to extend our invite to your network of veterans and veteran associations. Would you please be so kind as to forward this invitation to organisations and individuals you may benefit from the content of our conference. Following you may find a brief summary of topics we will be addressing during the conference. 
On April 4,5 and 6 2018 we will be holding a 3-day conference where we will present developments in both Dutch as well as key partners relating to rehabilitation, care and policy of Veterans Health Care. Our veterans represent a population with unique experiences that may count on coordinated care, cure and policy. It is for this reason that the LZV – the National Health Care System for Veterans in the Netherlands was started. Our goal is to provide services for veterans with psychological and psychosocial combat-related disorders and to aim for optimal social participation of veterans with operational stress injuries, or PTSD. 

The main themes for the near future in our LZV organisation are: the influential veteran and the family; strengthening of care and positive health/enduring health. In the years to come, we will shift from a traditional approach such as ‘the doctor knows best’ to a shared decision-making model, where the veteran and the professional together will ensure maximized support of the veteran in the rehabilitation and care process. We will broaden our scope from disorder-based care to a more ‘holistic’ approach where focus will be on the strengths of the veteran, such as work abilities, social skills, etc.  At the conference we will highlight these Dutch themes and match/connect/relate them to international developments. 

In case you or your colleagues decide to attend our International Conference on Dutch Veterans Health Care, we kindly invite you to register using the appropriate form at our website, http://congres.lzv-groep.nl. At this site additional, more content related information, such as the program may be found.

The language of the conference will be English. At the website you will find the program. 

We look forward to meeting you in Amsterdam! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: congres@lzv-groep.nl 

Yours sincerely,

COL Berend Berendsen, MD"