WVF supports the film "ADAMA" released in French cinemas today

October 2015


We are proud to support the release of the film ADAMA which is being released in French cinemas today, Wednesday 21 October 2015.



Adama is an animated film directed by Simon Rouby, and artists from various backgrounds, based on a screenplay by Julien Litli, with the voices of Azize Diabaté (Adama), Pascal Nzonzi (Abdou), Jack Mba (Samba) and the rapper Oxmo Puccino (Djo). The film is being released in French cinemas today (October 21) and will later be released internationally.

The film tells the story of twelve year old Adama from a village in West Africa, who defies the elders to go in search of his older brother on the battlefields of World War I. Adama is a story of great artistic quality. It is strong and imbued with emotion, offering a reflection on war, the situation of children in armed conflict, immigration, the quest for initiation, the childs transition to adulthood, the universal condition of man, humanism ...



Without moralizing, the film gives a new look at history and could serve as a relevant starting point for collective work in various places of education, either in schools or other educational environments. At the same time it is a tribute to the bravery of African ‘Tirailleurs’. By the power and richness of its narrative, its inventiveness, for example with the use of traditional techniques, by the message of peace and tolerance that it delivers, Adama conveys with humility and beauty, the much needed duty of remembrance.




Synopsis: Adama, 12, lives in a remote village of West Africa. Beyond the cliffs lies the World of Breaths where the Nassaras reign. One night, Samba, his older brother, disappears. Adama, defying the orders of the elders, decides to go looking for him. He sets out with the unwavering determination of a child becoming man, a quest that will take him beyond the seas to the north, to the front lines of the First World War. It is 1916.