November 2016

The WVF is an international NGO consisting of 172 veteran organizations from 96 countries representing some 45 million veterans worldwide. Since its inception in 1950 it has reaffirmed constantly its strategic mission of international peace and security, drawing on its credo, “None can speak more eloquently for peace than those who have fought in war.”



In the shadow of the recent horrific events in Paris, home of the WVF for 65 years since its creation in 1950, following so soon after similar incidents in Beirut and the Sinai in Egypt, our thoughts are with all the victims of these atrocities and their families. As stated repeatedly in the Resolutions and Declarations of the WVF, including those adopted by the 28th General Assembly held last September, the WVF condemns terrorism in all its forms and manifestations. This week the Executive Board of the WVF went ahead with its 153rd Meeting in Paris showing solidarity with the victims of the shocking attacks last week in this great city.

These attacks and threats cause human suffering, anguish, agony and anxiety. Members of the Armed Forces community worldwide know from their own experience what it means to fight evil and of the importance to preserve peace and security.

The Executive Board of the WVF, on behalf of its members worldwide, wants to publicly express its sympathy and support to the French, Russian and Lebanese people. We also want to extend our respect and gratitude to the police and the security forces of all nations as they prosecute their fight against terrorism as the true guardians of our liberties and freedoms.

Participants at the 28th General Assembly of the WVF, committed to lasting international peace and stability, also adopted a declaration in reaction to the upsetting outbreaks of new armed conflicts in Africa, the Middle East and Europe. We are becoming increasingly conscious of the accumulating impact and dangers of the further spread of these conflicts which are producing an unprecedented number of refugees.

We urge all governments to remain sensitive to the disastrous situation of these disorientated and desperate populations – of all age groups, including vulnerable children and the elderly – some suffering from physical disabilities and psycho-social trauma. The condition of these migrant populations, who are losing their national identity, social stability and dignified existence, is currently unbearable.

We call on the worldwide community to take measures to address the inhumane situation of refugees, which destabilizes the political balance in certain regions, can cause chaos and immeasurable human suffering, and is a threat to international peace and security.

For further information, contact the WVF Secretariat by telephone at (+33) (0)1 40 72 61 00 or by e-mail at wvf@wvf-fmac.

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