VPI Project Ukraine


On 13-19 Jnauary 2020 a delegation from the World Veterans Federtaion visited Ukraine to begin the process of setting up the Veterans Peace Initiative Project country plan in Ukraine. 

US Army (USA) and French Army Officials assigned to the Stabilization Force (SFOR), conduct a interview with local Residents from the community of Nevesinjie, erzegovina, to hear testimonies on how they have been treated by the local community after the six year Balkan War. Pictured left to right- Ms. Leila Dizdarevic, Interpreter; US Army (USA) Lieutenant General (LGEN) John B. Sylvester (right), Commander, Stabilization Force (SFOR); French Army Captain (CPT) Raulet Guillaume, Company Commander, 3rd Company, 21st Marine Infantry Battalion; French Army CPT Davaillon, Company Commander 3rd Battery, 3rd Marine Artillery Regiment; and two Residents of the town of Nevesinjie,...

Role and Contribution of Interpreters in Military Contexts

 Call for volunteers to be interviewed for a reserach Project at the University of Bologna (Italy). 

Did you serve in Bosnia or Croatia in the 90's or the year 2000?  Please read on to find out how you can help. 

Passing of Mrs. June A. Willenz


It is with great sadness that the WVF has learned of the passing of Mrs. June A. Willenz (USA), founder and Chair of the WVF Standing Committee on Women, long-time representative of the WVF to the United Nations and much valued member of the Federation.